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Chinese Language Division (CLD), Language Center, National Taiwan University

Building of the Language Center, National Taiwan University
Group photo of 8 foreign students
Language Center Gate wall
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  • Student Restaurant

  • Extracurricular teaching

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  • Near MRT Station

  • Location: Northern Taiwan

    North, Taipei City

  • Established Date: 1984
Chinese Language Division (CLD), Language Center, National Taiwan University
Address:Room 222, 2F, Language Center, No.170 , Sec.2, XinHai Rd, Taipei, Taiwan, 10663. R.O.C.
Admission Conditions:

As long as you are already 18 years old and/or have already graduated from high school, you are very welcome to join us!

  • This program is open for application a year before the course starts. 
  • For application, please have the following documents emailed to us by deadline:
    1. Application form (download: http://cld.liberal.ntu.edu.tw/en/application-and-registration.html)
    2. A photocopy of your passport
    3. Education document
    4. A financial statement
    5. 2 photos.(one inch)(2.74 x 3.5 cm)
  • Once we receive your documents and make sure there is no problem with them, we will issue and send out the admission letter via email and registered airmail (to the email and mailing address you left in the application form) within 7 business days.
  • Once you get accepted, please make sure you will come to our office in person for registration exactly during prescribed time on registration day for payment and placement test (test only for those with previous Chinese language knowledge). If you do not come for registration on time and complete the registration, your qualification/enrollment in the season will be cancelled directly without further notification.
Related Assistance:
  1. Daily life issue consultation
  2. Accommodation consultation
School Introduction:

Our division has more than 30 years of experiences in Chinese language program. 

Here is our advantages:

  1. Small classes: with only 5 to 7 students in each class
  2. Intensive course: with 3 classes per day, 5 days per week
  3. Interactive teaching method: with emphasis on students' language practice in class
  4. Equal emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  5. All-Chinese-speaking environment
  6. Pleasant learning environment: with various extracurricular activities, such as cultural activities, field trips, language exchange activities
  7. Friendly and efficient administration service: with strong support to students' learning and daily issues