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In line with the international development in Europe and the United States, in order to continue to deepen and promote the quality Mandarin education in Taiwan, prove the soft power owned by Taiwan to the world and make the foreigners acquainted with, friendly to and pro-Taiwan, the Taiwan Huayu BEST-Bilingual Exchanges of Selected Talent Program (the “Program” in short) promoted by the Ministry of Education (“MOE” in short) in February, 2021 not only fosters the university-to-university allied cooperation by granting the subsidies to the top-notch faculties capable of Mandarin teaching in Taiwan but also motivates the bilateral exchanges between faculty members and students in association with the overseas offices. In addition to the Mandarin sessions in overseas schools by selecting the Mandarin teachers and teaching assistants in Taiwan and sending them overseas, the Program grants the scholarships to encourage foreigners to study Mandarin in Taiwan to attain the policy target of promoting the bilingual education in Taiwan via the English teaching in primary and secondary education, which in turn motivates Taiwanese students to engage in lingual and cultural exchanges with the foreign students. Moreover, the Program promotes cooperation between our universities and American and European universities to set up Mandarin language teaching centers overseas, so that foreign students can be immersed in the Mandarin teaching field and deeply experience the beauty of Mandarin and culture. Through this Program, MOE hopes to encourage more universities in Taiwan to cooperate with universities in the U.S. and Europe, and with the assistance of embassies abroad, to increase the willingness of foreign students to come to Taiwan, to deepen exchanges and cooperation in Mandarin education, to expand the overseas Chinese language market, and to increase the internationalization of our universities.

In order to smoothly promote the Program, in October 2021 MOE commissioned National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) to launch the MOE-promoted Taiwan Huayu BEST-Bilingual Exchanges of Selected Talent Program Office (the “Office” in short) to coordinate the administrative work related to the Program, assist in promoting the program, and serve as a window for external services.

If you want to learn more about the Program, please feel free to contact the Office: Ms. Yi-lun Tung.

Contact Telephone Email
Ms. Yi-lun Tung 02-2730-1204 HuayuBest@mail.ntust.edu.tw