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Steps to Taiwan | Office of Global Mandarin Education


Steps to Taiwan

  • Select institute & course
  • Apply for an institute
  • Prepare documents
  • Offer letter
  • Apply for Visa
  • Registration
  1. Select an institute & a course
    There are 65 university-affiliated Mandarin learning centers in Taiwan, offering a variety of programs. Further relevant information can be searched by your requirements.
  2. Apply for an institute
    Please contact with the language center of the institute for applying for the Chinese course.
  3. Prepare documents
    Applicant’s documents listed by the language center of the institute are ready to preparation.
  4. Offer letter
    Applicants with documents confirmation should submit the course application fee, and the language center of the institute will provide the offer letter.
  5. Apply for Visa
    Please submit original documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs division or personnel at the nearest embassy or mission of R.O.C. (Taiwan) for getting a student visa.
  6. Registration
    Take a flight to Taiwan and register for the Chinese course of the institute.

National health insurance and Visa


  1. On-campus Housing
    For international students, living in a dormitory provided by the university is usually the most convenient option. The advantage of a dormitory is that it is closer to the institute, cheaper and safer. University dormitories also have some shortcomings. Most of the time, you may live in the same room with other roommates. The dormitory space may be small, and there may not be bathroom equipment in your room. In addition, the number of dormitory rooms in some universities is limited, so please make sure to contact the international office of your university before you heading to Taiwan.
  2. Private Accommodation
    The advantage of renting out of institute is that you can choose the place you want to live according to your needs, but the disadvantage is that the rent will be more expensive. Convenience, the age of the house, the size of the room, the availability of furniture, etc., will affect the rent. You can choose to live by yourself or rent it with others. In addition, when signing a contract with the landlord, please be sure to confirm the contract's regulations. If you have any doubts, you can consult the institute's International Affairs Office or Office of Student Affairs.
  3. Taiwan Hostfamily Program

    Taiwan Hostfamily Program is organized by Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST), to give international students a more personal, first-hand experience in Taiwan. Living with a hostfamily will not only give you a chance to see Taiwanese family life for yourself but will also allow you to build special relationships during your time here.

    All of our host families are volunteers, so they must first of all be willing to open up their homes and lives to an international student, but they must also be financially able to do so. In addition to these two basic necessities, our host families must meet certain other requirements. For one thing, in order to qualify as a hostfamily, they must go through our comprehensive training program.

    Staying with your Taiwanese hostfamily will give you an inside view of what life in Taiwan is really like. You will be living with a family that is volunteering to provide a roof over your head, a seat at their table, and a place in their hearts as well. When your time with the hostfamily is over, you will have made some new friends for life. Since our host families are all volunteers, there is generally no fee for staying short-term (weekend or holiday) with a hostfamily.

    For further information about Taiwan Hostfamily Program, please go to the Taiwan Hostfamily Program website and also join the Facebook fan page.


Insurance Information

Regulations on foreign students joining the National Health Insurance

Foreign students shall submit proof of a medical and personal injury insurance policy upon registration. The policy must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry.

If the proof of insurance was issued outside of Taiwan, it must be authenticated by a Taiwan R.O.C. representative office overseas.

The National Health Insurance (NHI) is a mandatory social insurance that provides foreign students with equal rights to medical care in Taiwan. Foreign students studying in Taiwan shall join the NHI as required by the law after they have resided in Taiwan for six months, and shall join the NHI through their institute or independently.