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Overseas Education Divisions | Office of Global Mandarin Education


Overseas Education Divisions

Services provided by MOE education division

  1. Contact and counseling for the overseas Taiwanese student and its organization
  2. Contact and counseling for the overseas Taiwanese student receiving the government scholarship
  3. Survey and contact for overseas fellows
  4. Contact and counseling for the students studying abroad
  5. Assistance in the contact for groups and individuals in the field of general and physical education participating in exchange of academic and physical education abroad
  6. Collection and exchange of academic and education data
  7. Contact and assistance for foreign scholars and experts who come to Taiwan for visit and lecturing
  8. Promotion of studying in Taiwan and review of government scholarship
  9. Academic exchange, contact and collaboration on international education
  10. Other assigned tasks on education and academics


Schools, colleges and universities that want to send student groups or teacher training groups to Taiwan can contact with MOE education division or personnel at the nearest embassy or mission of R.O.C.(Taiwan).