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Fu Jen Catholic University, Center of Chinese Language and Culture

Fu Jen Catholic University, Center of Chinese Language and Culture


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  • Extracurricular teaching

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  • Near MRT Station

  • Location: Northern Taiwan

    North, New Taipei City

  • Established Date: 1964
Fu Jen Catholic University, Center of Chinese Language and Culture
Address:Room 104/105, Cardinal Tien Memorial Hall, Fu Jen Catholic University, No. 510 Zhungzheng Rd ,Xinzhuang Dist., New TaIpei City, 24205 Taiwan (R.O.C)
  • Teachers: Full-time teacher 1 people, Part-time teacher 2 people
  • Contact Person: Amy Wu
  • Email: flcg1013@mail.fju.edu.tw
  • Telephone: 886 2 2905 3721
  • FAX: 886-2-2905-2166
Admission Conditions:

Foreigners who are passionate and interested in learning Chinese without limitation of academic background. Underage (18 years old) applicants are required to have custodian or friend in Taiwan for assistance.


•  Seasonal Quarter (for students who plan to study for/over 3 months)

  1. Application Form: Download from website, submit by email or mail.
  2. Financial Statement: Issued by bank and shall have at least 2,500 USD or the equivalent amount in other currency.
  3. A copy of passport or resident identification card shall be submitted upon registration if these are unattached with the application.

Note: Resident Identification card holder, who does not need certificate of enrollment or visa extension, may not submit financial statement but need to give Resident Identification card copy.

*Please check the official website of Republic of China to obtain required information for visa.


Application Due Day: One and half month before the quarter you apply.

・Spring Quarter(March 3th the first day)…the application due day is January 15th.

・Summer Quarter(June 2nd the first day)…the application due day is April 15th.

・Fall Quarter(September 1st the first day)…the application due day is July 15th.

・Winter Quarter(December 1st the first day)…the application due day is October 15th.



1.The Center of Chinese Language and Culture cannot guarantee that students will always get the type of class they prefer.

2.Tuition rates are quoted in NT Dollars and subject to change without notice.

3.The Center of Chinese Language and Culture is not obligated to arrange make up classes or make refunds for classes cancelled due to natural disasters (e.g. typhoons, earthquake, fire, etc.) or other unforeseen and unavoidable events (e.g. power failure, etc.).

Related Assistance:
  • Orientation for New Students
  • School Dormitory Application
  • Documents Application
School Introduction:

Fu Jen Catholic University is located in Xinzhuang Dist., New TaIpei City.

MRT Fu Jen University Station is right in front of the main gate of school.

There are some convenience stores (such as 7-11, family mart), supermarket (Pxmart, Costco) and grocery store for students to buy groceries.

Center of Chinese Language and Culture was established in 1964.

*Lecturing in small groups

There are about 200 students in each term. To maintain effective interaction between teachers and students, classes are designed to be small with no more than 7 students in group class. It is also optional for students to arrange to inlabelidual class or a smaller group class (within 2-3 students). 

*Lecturing both in Zhuyin and Pinyin, Traditional and Simplified characters

The Language Center adopts both Hanyu Pinyin and Zhuyin Fuhao systems on lecturing. We have created two series of teaching materials in both systems for students to meet their needs without problems on learning Chinese.

 Additionally, our teachers are capable of lecturing by using simplified characters with their own-made materials, which are satisfactory to foreign students who learn Chinese in simplified characters. Our teachers are also able to teach students with textbooks within simplified characters or both in writing without causing learning difficulties.



*For Vietnamese students, please read the following regulations carefully before apply.