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Yuanpei University of Medical Technology, Chinese Language Learning Center

Yuanpei University of Medical Technology
Yuanpei University of Medical Technology
Yuanpei University of Medical Technology


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  • Extracurricular teaching

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  • Near Train Station

  • Location: Northern Taiwan

    North, Hsinchu City

  • Established Date: 2019.08
Yuanpei University of Medical Technology, Chinese Language Learning Center
Address:No.306, Yuanpei Street,Hsinchu,Taiwan 30015,R.O.C.
  • Teachers: Full-time teacher 2 people, Part-time teacher 10 people
  • Contact Person: Hsiao-man (Ivy) Chao
  • Email: ypucllc0311@gmail.com
  • Telephone: 886-3-6102488
  • FAX: 886-3-6102389
Admission Conditions:

Requirement: Must have the passion to learn to speak and write in Mandarin Chinese.

Seasonal Courses


1.  Info Sessions

For more information,  please contact Nicole Wu at: ypucllc0311@gmail.com


2.  Please prepare for the following documents:  

●  Completed Application Form

●  Color Portrait Photos (4.2cm x 4.7cm) taken within 6 months

●  Copy of your Passport [Original passport needed when you’re here.]

●  Admission Letter from MOE approved language centers or organizations [Original doc needed when you’re here.

●  Study Plan [Original doc needed when you’re here.]

●  Financial Proof [Original doc needed when you’re here.]

Related Assistance:

●  Contact Info

Email: ypucllc0311@gmail.com

Phone: 886-3-6102488 

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IG: Click Here to Follow Us

School Introduction:

●  About Our University

Yuanpei University of Medical Technology (YUMT) was the first higher education institution in Taiwan specialized in the fìeld of medical technology and is currently one of the leading universities in healthcare education. YUMT prepares students with best practice knowledge and hands-on practice and provides internship or practicum opportunities in industry or in medical institutions around the globe. Based on survey results, Yuanpei is taking the lead in fìelds of life sciences, bio-resources and healthcare professional training.


●  About Our Center

Our center, established at 2019, is committed to improve the Chinese language ability of international students and to disseminate Chinese/Taiwanese culture. We provide diversified Chinese language and culture courses, short-term exchange camps and other customized courses. Yuanpei Chinese Language Center will be one of the best choices for you to learn Chinese in an immersed environment.

The purpose of our center is to promote the language and culture of Mandarin Chinese. The mission is to help foreigners learn Chinese well in listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary. The main purpose is to provide quality education and learning experiences, supplemented by medical-related terminology as a feature, to help foreign students merge into the Taiwanese society as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Chinese Language Learning Center (CLLC) organizes Chinese Language and Medical Experiences camps to assist on international cultural exchanges. In addition to the promotion of Chinese & local culture, the center combines specific characteristics of medical technologies of the school to some courses. We hope to provide best language learning experiences, along with mutual respect and appreciation of multiple cultures.


 ●   Our Instructors

2 Full-time,  10 Part-time,  all very professional and experienced.


1.   Pick-up Service

       If you need pick-up or drop-off services,  please let us know in advance for proper arrangement.


2.   Dormitory Options

       Male : Double room (Rooms for 2) / Price: US$350.00  per Semester

       Female : Quadruple room (Rooms for 4) / Price: US$310.00  per Semester


  3.   Transportation Options

(1) You may choose to start from Taoyuan International Airport → Take a passenger bus or subway to Taoyuan HSR Station → Go to Hsinchu HSR Station → Take a taxi to Yuanpei University.

Total Cost : About NT$500-600

Travel Time : About 1.5 hours


(2) You may choose to start from Taoyuan International Airport → Take Bus 5089 →Go to Zhongli Railway Station → Take a train to Hsinchu Railway Station→Go left to the bus station in Hsinchu → Take Bus 23 to Yuanpei University.

 Total Expense: NT$200-300.

 Total Transportation Time: Appr. 120 mins.


(3) You may choose to take a taxi from Taoyuan International Airport to Yuanpei University in Hsinchu.

Total Expense: Around NT$1,600.

Total Transportation Time: Appr. 50 Mins.