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Experience Taiwan

Listening the beauty of Taiwan in the podcasts! 
Welcome to “Experience Taiwan”!

Taiwan Lantern Festival/臺灣燈會

  If the firework of Taipei 101 is “the fleeting marvel in the dark night,” Taiwan Lantern Festival makes “the landscape that will knock your socks off!” Evolving from the traditional Chinese festival, Taiwan Lantern Festival is hosted by different city annually to demonstrate the creativity and specialty of the respective city. It was even recognized by various international design awards, making it a tourist highlight of Taiwan. Do you want to see the lantern in the shape of bluefin tuna? Do you want to see the lanterns in variety along Love River? Join the crowd for a night tour!


Taiwanese Opera/歌仔戲

  You may have heard of famous operas like Die Zauberflöte and La Traviata, but have you heard of Taiwanese Opera? Ke-Tse Opera (Taiwanese Opera) is an opera performed with the Taiwanese ballads and Taiwanese Minnan dialect in archaic costumes. It is a significant culture in the society of Taiwan, which is mainly performed on the birthdays of deities or during festivals. Loved by many, it is becoming increasingly prevalent on radios, in movies and on TV. In 2022, the Taiwanese Opera performer CHEN Ya-Lan even became the first actress that received the Best Leading Actor Award at the Golden Bell Awards for her brilliant performance in a TV series! What is the magic of Taiwanese Opera that charms us all? Come and check it out with us!

  你(妳)可能聽過《魔笛》(Die Zauberflöte)、《茶花女》(La traviata)等著名的歌劇,但你(妳)曾經聽過臺灣的歌劇嗎?歌仔戲,這個以臺灣民謠和臺灣閩南為基礎的古裝歌唱劇,是臺灣重要的民間文化,主要在神明生日或節慶演出,因為受到大家的喜愛,漸漸地也出現在廣播、電影以及電視上。2022年,歌仔戲演員陳亞蘭還因為在電視劇中精彩的演出,成為第一位獲得金鐘獎「最佳男主角」寶座的女演員!歌仔戲究竟有什麼魔力,讓大家如此著迷呢?快來一起瞧瞧吧!