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79 Indian Students Awarded Scholarship for Studying Abroad in Taiwan

79 Indian Students Awarded Scholarship for Studying Abroad in Taiwan
2019-07-18 16:15:29

Today the TECC in India awarded the Taiwan Scholarship and the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship to 79 Indian students and wished them luck with their studies in Taiwan. The Representative Ambassador of the Republic of China, Tien Chung-Kwang, announced events with prizes and encouraged Indian students in Taiwan to strengthen the connection.

Today the Education Division of the TECC in India hosted a ceremony for awarding the 2019 Taiwan Scholarship and the MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship. The head of the Education Division, Chen Li-Ying said this year, 45 Indian students have received the Taiwan Scholarship for studying in Taiwan, which is five more recipients than that of last year.

Chen also remarked, 34 Indian students have been awarded the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship to learn Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan this year; the number of recipients remains the same as that of last year.

Tien Chung-Kwang stated in his speech before the bestowment of the awards, about 2,398 Indian Students are currently studying in Taiwan, which is 45% more than that of the year 2018, and exemplified the connection between the young people of India and Taiwan’s education system. More Indian students this year have applied for scholarships to study in Taiwan.

He said, compared to three years ago, the number of recipients of the Taiwan Scholarship provided for Indian students has increased from 12 in 2016 to 45, and the amount has increased from INR 30,000,000 (approximately NTD 13,530,000) in 2016 to INR 130 million this year, an increase of fourfold.

In terms of the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, Tien said the total learning time has increased from 96 months in 2016 to 192 months this year. In contrast, the amount of grant increased from INR 4.8 million (about NTD 2.16 million) to INR 9.6 million, doubled the amount three years ago.

Tien Chung-Kwang expects to see more and more Indian students studying in Taiwan, which serves as the bridge for strengthening Taiwan-India relations.
To encourage Indian students in Taiwan to participate in the student’s association, and add subscribe button on Facebook account, for strengthening the connection and communication between youth from India and Taiwan, Tien has announced that all Indian students who are studying in Taiwan may participate in the prize-giving event as long as they uploads photos taken on Double Ten National Day to the official account of the Student’s Association.

Tien said the TECC in India would organize a jury to select three outstanding photos, and the winners will receive smartphones that are made in Taiwan. This garnered applause from all the students.

Vasanthan Thirunavukkarasu, a recipient of the 2014 Taiwan Scholarship, studied for a nanometer related doctorate program at the Academia Sinica Taiwan. He along with two Mandarin Chinese teachers who have just returned to India from the Training Workshop for Mandarin Chinese Teachers in Taiwan, Shubhesh Kumar and Ringngam Lamkang Sankhil, have been invited to share their fabulous experiences in Taiwan, including the kind and warm-hearted hospitality of local people, the great environment, the awesome food, clothing, housing, and transportation.

Vasanthan Thirunavukkarasu said, if one intended to study for a degree in science like him, then Taiwan is the destination for overseas study since it possessed vanguard technology. And while he was studying for a doctorate in Taiwan, thanks to Academia Sinica, Vasanthan was able to participate in conferences that took place in many countries, which facilitated the communication and connection with global academia.

The Indian students awarded the scholarship this year are anticipating to experience the new life of studying in Taiwan, they gathered around Vasanthan Thirunavukkarasu and the other two guest speakers to ask questions about Taiwan and took pictures with Tien Chun-Kwang.

(origin from:CNA)