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All new "Learning Mandarin in Taiwan" campaign video

All new
2024-05-02 15:20:49

Mandarin in Taiwan | 學華語到臺灣 xué huá yǔ dào tái wān 

Come to Taiwan, I can become a global person who can communicate with people from all over the world using Mandarin.

Come to Taiwan and dream in Chinese Characters, seeing more knowing more, I can learn about the foreign culture while also exploring myself and what I want to do in the future.

Come to Taiwan, I would like to have Taiwanese cuisine at the night market, such as authentic bubble milk tea.

Come to Taiwan, I would recommend everyone to see the beautiful scenery of Taiwan by themselves. Especially being surrounded by enormous mountains is quite unique.

You can also pursue your dream by coming to Taiwan to learn Mandarin and have your own studying and living journey in Taiwan.