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Chapter 4: Shopping

  • 請問這個多少錢?

    Qǐngwèn zhège duōshǎo qián?

    How much does this cost?

    If you want to know the price of an item, you can point at it and say this sentence.
  • 請問有折扣嗎?

    Qǐngwèn yǒu zhékòu ma?

    Is there a discount for this?

  • 請問可以便宜一點嗎?

    Qǐngwèn kěyǐ piányi yìdiǎn ma?

    Could you give me a discount, please?

    Tone change rules(also called tone sandhi rules):一 (yī) have to changes to 4th tone (yì) when followed by any other tone(1st, 2nd, 3rd).
  • 請問有其他____嗎?

    Qǐngwèn yǒu qítā ____ ma?

    Do you have this in another _____ (color/size/style/etc).?

    color / 顏色 yánsè
    size / 尺寸 chǐcùn
    style / 款式 kuǎnshì
  • 請問可以試____嗎?

    Qǐngwèn kěyǐ shì ____ ma?

    May I ___ (try it on/taste it/smell it/listen to it/give it a try) ?

    try it on / 試穿 shì chuān
    have a taste of this / 試吃 shìchī
    have a taste of this / 試喝 shì hē
    smell it / 試聞 shì wén
    listen it / 試聽 shìtīng
    try it / 試用 shì yòng
  • 請問有這個嗎?

    Qǐngwèn yǒu zhège ma?

    Do you have this?

    If you want to buy something, you can show the picture and say this sentence.
  • 請問可以退稅嗎?

    Qǐngwèn kěyǐ tuìshuì ma?

    Can I get a tax refund?

  • 買三送一

    Mǎi sān sòng yī.

    Buy 3 get 1 free.

    If you see this, it means you can get one more for free if you buy three.
  • 出清

    Chū qīng.


  • (請問)有會員卡嗎?

    (Qǐngwèn) yǒu huìyuán kǎ ma?

    Do you have a membership card?

  • 要塑膠袋嗎?

    Yào sùjiāodài ma?

    Would you like to have a plastic bag?

    In Taiwan, plastic bags are not for free. If a clerk asks you this question, it suggests “Do you have your own shopping bag?”
  • 還需要其他的嗎?

    Hái xūyào qítā de ma?

    Anything else?

  • 一共500元。

    Yígòng 500 yuán.

    The total is five hundred dollars.

    Tone change rules(also called tone sandhi rules):一 (yī) have to change to 2nd tone (yí) when followed by a 4th tone.