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  • Student Restaurant

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  • Near High-Speed Rail Station

  • Contact Person: Chu, Pei-Yu (Peggy), Lai, Yi-Ying (Jamie), Chen, Shi-Yu (June)
  • Email: clc@thu.edu.tw
  • Telephone: 04-23590121 ext.30127
  • FAX: 886-4235-94408

2024 Kid's Mandarin Summer Camp

Class Introduction:

During the summer vacation of 2024, the Chinese Language Center at Tunghai University will lead children to explore the pangolin, ecological conservation, and the mysteries of Mars within the beautiful campus in central Taiwan. In addition to language classes grouped by proficiency in Mandarin, opportunities will be provided for children to immerse themselves in the humanities, society, and nature of central Taiwan, learning how to coexist harmoniously with the community, animals, and plants. Moreover, this camp will also incorporate space elements such as Mars into its curriculum to offer children a more diverse learning perspective and experience.

Classification: Other types of classes
Class Period: Customized
Students Number: 0~30
Tuition Fee: NTD 30000
Levels Pre-intermediate,Elementary ,Beginning