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【TKU】REGULAR CHINESE LANGUAGE PROGRAM (RCLP) FEBRUARY(Morning Class) | Find Courses | Office of Global Mandarin Education

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  • Near High-Speed Rail Station

  • Near Train Station

  • Near MRT Station

  • Contact Person: Yuan, Ning Jun
  • Email: clc@clc.tku.edu.tw
  • Telephone: 886-2-2321-6320 Ext 8861
  • FAX: 886-2-2321-4036


Class Introduction:

Program Highlights
We offer new classes on the first week of every month,each term lasts 11 weeks(or at least 3 weeks).
14 levels of classes, from introductory courses to advanced studies.
Small class size with approximately 7-15 students per class.

Learning Target
Linstening, speaking, reading and writing are equally important. For beginners' level, we focus more on speaking and conversation skills.When the student reached intermediate, we emphasize more on writing and written language.For advance learners, we introduce news and more into thoughts and culture.

Learning Material
The main learning material is 【Modern Chinese】
provides a complete set of systematic Chinese learning materials with ONLINE supporting resources including: Class teaching presentations; E-Class activity sheets; Teaching Guideline; Digital tools (Quizlet and Kahoot ); VR. There are 7 books. Book 1-2 are officially published.

Class Location
Tamkang University Chinese Language Center(Taipei Campus)

Classification: Regular Mandarin Program
Class Period: 3 months
Offering courses frenquency: Monthly
Students Number: 7~15
Tuition Fee: NTD 28000
Levels Advance,Upper Intermediate,Intermediate,Pre-intermediate,Elementary
Session: A11C02A