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Mandarin Learning Center in Chung Yuan Christian University

URL: https://mlc.cycu.edu.tw/CYCU/www/

Northern Taiwan


  • Student Restaurant

  • Extracurricular teaching

  • Related Certificate

  • Near Train Station

  • Contact Person: Corinne Wu
  • Email: cmlcycu@cycu.edu.tw
  • Telephone: 886-3-265-6532
  • FAX: 886-3-265-6539

Mandarin Learning Center at CYCU-Reguler Course_Spring Term

Class Introduction:

Practical Mandarin programs are offered in 9 levels, from beginners to advanced level.

All classes are conducted in Chinese. Mandarin phonetic symbols and Pinyin spelling are used to indicate the pronunciation of characters. Reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension are given equal emphasis in each class and student performance is evaluated accordingly. Students are placed in classes suited to their levels based on their placement test results, In addition, students must pass a final exam at the end of each term to move up to next level.

 Goals of the Practical Mandarin Program:

  • To provide professional Teaching Chinese as a Second Language(TCSL) instruction.
  • To ensure all courses are delivered by certified professional TCSL instructors.
  • To provide intensive language and cultural interactions.
  • To help students acquire Chinese speaking and listening abilities so they can effectively communicate with native speakers of Chinese outside of the classroom.
  • To regularly offer students individual language one-on-one tutoring sessions with TCSL majors.
  • To offer flexible class schedules.
  • To regularly offer culture courses, including but not limited to Chinese calligraphy, Chinese chess, seal and stamp making, paper-cutting and study of Chinese traditional festivals

Course Timetable

2024 Spring-term  Feb.26th - May 16th

2024 Summer-term May 27th - Aug. 12th 

2024 Autumn-term Aug 21th - Nov. 11th

2024 Winter-term Nov. 20th - Feb 13th, 2025

Tuition Fee Schdule

Visa Students: Three hours of classes per day
First semester: NTD$31,000
Includes tuition, enrollment fee (one time only), accidental medical insurance and textbooks
Renewal course fee: NTD$29,500
Includes tuition and accidental medical insurance
Regular students (non-visa students):
1. Three hours of classes per day:
First semester: NTD$28,500
Includes tuition and enrollment fee (one time only)
Renewal class tuition: NTD$28,000

2. Two hours of classes per day (excluding thematic classes):
First semester: NTD$19,000
Includes tuition and enrollment fee (one time only)
Renewal class tuition: NTD$18,500

Classification: Regular Mandarin Program
Class Period: 3 months
Class Date: -
Students Number: 5~15
Tuition Fee: NTD 31000
Levels Advance,Upper Intermediate,Intermediate,Pre-intermediate,Elementary ,Beginning