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Division of Chinese as a Second Language, Language Center, National ChiaYi University


Southern Taiwan


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Online Mandarin Chinese Course

Class Introduction:

Do you want to learn Chinese but it’s too far for you to attend a physical classroom in Taiwan? Do you want to learn Chinese but the expense to move to Taiwan is too much for you? Now you can have a flexible online Mandarin course for you and your friends at NCYU!

  1. Class time: Flexible
  2.  Tuition fee:
    (1) 3-5 people: NT$300/hr NT$500 (new student registration fee) 
  3.  Class size: The class will be offered if there are at least 3 people enrolled.
  4. Class period: We offer classes based on seasonal sessions. If you would like to have this cohort, you need to find at least 3 people by yourself and then contact us so that we could arrange an instructor accordingly.
  5. Hours: Flexible
  6. Textbook: A course in contemporary Chinese Book 1-1, will be covered in this course. Please purchase your own e-book online.
  7.  Web conferencing tool: Google Meet or Microsoft Teams
  8. Target: This cohort is for those who are 18 years old or older, whose Mandarin proficiency is zero or very beginning, and would like to learn Mandarin online.
  9. Registration steps:
    (1) Register online ONE month before the class starts.
    (2) Wait for a confirmation letter from us.
    (3) Pay the tuition fee TWO WEEKS before the class starts.
    (4) Receive a note for successful payment and course announcement.
    (5) Class starts.
  10.  Notes:
    (1) Once the online course schedule has been settled down, it will not be changed. Please get online on time for each class meeting. The class meeting time is based on Taiwan time (GMT 8).
    (2) By the end of the course, we will issue a certificate for you if you have 80% or above presence in class and your grade passes the course requirement.
    (3) To enroll in this online course, students need to have their own computers, web cameras and microphones, and make sure the Internet is stable.
    (4) Each online meeting will be snapshotted by the instructor as an evidence of your presence.
  11.  Payment method
    1. Please pay by ATM (if you are in Taiwan) or cash remittance at your local bank counter, and here is the information:
    i. ACCOUNT WITH BANK (受款銀行):CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.
    ACCOUNT NO (帳號):082350003063

     After paying the tuition fee, please take a photo of the receipt and email us so that we could track and
    confirm your payment: cslncyu@mail.ncyu.edu.tw
  12. Tuition refund rules:
    (1) Except for not having enough students to offer the course, after registering and paying off the tuition fee, if one would like to drop the course for a personal reason, we would refund the tuition according to the criteria set by Ministry of Education in Taiwan below:
    i. If one applies for a tuition refund after registration but before the course starts, we would refund 90% of the paid tuition.
    ii. If one applies for a tuition refund after the course starts but not over one third of the coursehours, we would refund half of the paid tuition. For example, if the course hour is 40 hours in total, one third is 13 hours; if one applies for a refund within the first 13 hours, s/he could have ahalf of the paid tuition back.
    iii. If one applied a tuition refund when the course duration has passed one-third of the coursehours, we would not refund the paid tuition. For example, if the course hour is 40 hours in total, one third is 13 hours; if one applies for a refund after the first-13-hour instruction has been completed, s/he could not have any of the paid tuition back.(2) However, we do NOT recommend tuition refund for people who is not in Taiwan, because a remittance fee is required for money transferring; and the actual amount of money you receive in your local bank account may be deducted of the remittance fee. Therefore, we suggest you think twice before you register our online program or apply for a tuition refund.
  13.  Absence rules
    1. We don’t offer makeup classes for students who miss the classes for personal reasons.
    2. If you need to ask for a leave for one class, please notify us in CSL program LINE (@202dyxzq), if you are in Taiwan, or the instructor, at least 2 hours before the class.
Classification: On-line courses
Class Period: 1 month
Offering courses frenquency: Quarterly
Students Number: 3~5
Tuition Fee: NTD 300
Levels Intermediate,Pre-intermediate,Elementary ,Beginning
Session: 線上課程