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Online Chinese Language Group Classes” Admissions Guide

Class Introduction:

I. Course purpose

In recent years, the global Chinese language boom has become unstoppable. The learning motivation and needs of Chinese language learners have rapidly increased. In response to the global Chinese language trend and the global demand for online Chinese language courses during the epidemic, the Chinese Language Center of National Quemoy University specially launched “2021 Online Chinese Language Group Classes “. It provides customized courses specifically for educational institutions. The content of all courses is strictly selected by the center. We also select well-trained and specialized senior Chinese teachers to plan and guide the overall course content to ensure that the quality of teaching is maintained. Class start requirements, such as the start date, start time, and class time, can be negotiated and adjusted according to the needs of each unit. We welcome the interested units and agencies to contact us for negotiation.

II. Course Features

  1. Customized courses: Design customized courses specifically for the needs of each unit and arrange suitable teaching materials. You can choose whether your organization wants to train the comprehensive language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, or to train students’ professional Chinese language skills such as business Chinese, technological Chinese, classical Chinese, etc., or to train Chinese language teachers. Our center can cooperate with arrangements.
  2. Flexible course arrangement: The start time and the course schedules can be negotiated with the center. Our center will do our best to meet the needs of your organization.
  3. Arrange suitable teachers according to the needs of the course: the teachers in our center bring out the teaching that is organized with rich and diverse content. The teaching is professional, differentiated, and systematic. The classroom is lively and the teaching attitude is extremely patient. It is suitable for Chinese language learners of different levels (including zero-based learners).

III. Enrollment target and numbers

This course accepts group registrations (colleges and education units) but does not accept individual registration. (For individual registration, please refer to the “2021 Chinese Interactive Teaching (10 sessions, 20 sessions)” offered by this center)

IV. Tuition (regular language class)

Plan A: 8-10 people per class, with a maximum of 12 people. The fee is charged on a class basis, and the tuition fee for each class is NT$17,000. There are 10 lessons (50 minutes per lesson). The number of lessons can be adjusted according to your needs and you can negotiate with the center to adjust the tuition amount according to the number of lesson.

Plan B: Suitable for groups of more than 10 people, the courses are divided into large-class teaching and small drilling class, including 5 times large-class teaching 5 times small drilling class (divided into small groups). There are 10 lessons (50 minutes per lesson). The number of lessons can be adjusted according to the needs and the tuition amount can be adjusted according to the number of lessons in negotiation with the center.

Plan B: every students has 5 times Large-class & 5 times Drilling class
Student number Large-class number Drilling class number Total tuition (USD)
11~20 1 (20 students per class at max) 2 (10 students per class at max) 1100
21~30 1 (30 students per class at max) 3 (10 students per class at max) 1500
31~40 1 (40 students per class at max) 4 (10 students per class at max) 1650
41~50 1 (50 students per class at max) 5 (10 students per class at max) 1800

For regular course with more than 50 students or other kind of course, please contact us.

V. Course content and dates

Course time, teaching outline, number of class lesson, etc., can be arranged according to the level and needs of students. Individualized and distinctive course content that meets the expectations of each school can be arranged. You can contact the center for relevant details and specific teaching styles.

VI. Preparation before class

  1. Hardware equipment: PC, notebook, tablet, camera (generally notebook and tablet have built-in camera), headset and microphone.
  2. Recommended bandwidth: download speed above 10 Mbps, upload speed above 2 Mbps. If the internet speed is too slow and the quality of the class is affected, this unit will not be held responsible.
  3. Supported browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Internet Explorer, Firefox.

VII. Learning process and the delivery of graduation results

  1. During the course, the instructor will record student attendance, class performance, and test results on time. All records will be stored in the cloud storage, your organization can send staff to view at any time.
  2. After the course is over, the instructor will calculate the total score based on the student’s course performance, tests and final tests, and provide it to your organization for reference.
  3. Those who have completed their studies and completed the course requirements will be judged as pass or fail based on the overall assessment results. Those who pass will be issued a certificate of completion in both Chinese and English.
  4. The Chinese and English names of the completion certificates refer to the name that was filled in registration form by the trainees.
  5. Asking for a leave or being absent for more than 10% (inclusive) of the total course hours, no certificate of completion in both Chinese and English will be issued.
  6. The certificate of completion will be mailed two weeks after the end of the course, and will be sent by registered international air mail in foreign countries.

VIII. Refund method

Refund ratios, procedures, time and other related matters shall be handled in accordance with National Quemoy University regulations.

IX. Remarks

  1. In the event of interfering circumstance, such as disrupting the teacher’s teaching and disrupting other students’ classes, the unit reserves the right to prohibit the student from speaking in class.
  2. The unit reserves the right to enroll students to participate in the class.
  3. The videos, recording files and lecture notes of the course are only for the students of each class to watch. Illegal video recordings, recording files, etc. are strictly prohibited. The property rights must be respected, and please do not reprint without the consent of the unit.
  4. Changes related to the course will be announced separately on the webpage.

X. Contact Information

For further information, please contact the Chinese Language Center of the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office of the National Quemoy University.

Official E-mail: clc@email.nqu.edu.tw

Classification: On-line courses
Class Period: 3 months
Offering courses frenquency: Customized
Students Number: 8~50
Tuition Fee: NTD 33000
Levels Advance,Upper Intermediate,Intermediate,Pre-intermediate