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1 on 1 indivual course
Indivual course

Chinese Language Teaching and Study Center, National Taitung University


Eastern Taiwan


  • Student Restaurant

  • Extracurricular teaching

  • Near Train Station


1 on 1 indivual course

Class Introduction:
Class/Price 1 on 1 1 on 2 1 on 3 More than 4 people



$300/hour $250/hour $200/hour
  1. The class time is flexible and can be adjusted according to different degrees and needs. 1 to 1, 1 pairs of multi-guest classes are set up
  2. The price is per person per class (each class is 50 minutes)
  3. Registration time and price please refer to the announcement on our official website.
  4. Location: No.369, Sec. 2, University Road, Taitung City, Taiwan

※Classes with 2 or more people only accept group registrations. if you are interested in a personal tutor , please select “1 on 1” class.

Classification: Individual Classes
Class Date: -
Students Number: 1~1
Tuition Fee: NTD 500
Levels Advance,Upper Intermediate,Intermediate,Pre-intermediate,Elementary ,Beginning