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Short-term Chinese Language Class

National United University, Chinese Language Center


Central Taiwan


  • Accommodation

  • Student Restaurant

  • Extracurricular teaching

  • Related Certificate

  • Near High-Speed Rail Station

  • Near Train Station

  • Contact Person: Chinese Language Center
  • Email: clc@nuu.edu.tw
  • Telephone: 037-382146
  • FAX: 03-738-2148

Short-term Mandarin Study Tour Class

Class Introduction:

•   Amazing Miaoli! Join our customized mandrain study tour!  

Contact us now  laughing

NUU Chinese Lanuguage Center email:clc@nuu.edu.tw

NUU Chinese Language Center Tel:886-37-382146

Length of the Class Chinese Language Classes  Cultural Classes Cultural Tours Tuition
One Week 15-hour Chinese Language Class, including one hour Chinese proficiency test, 3-hour tutoring and 1-hour final evaluation


l   Chinese Calligraphy

l   Chinese Ink Painting

l   Chinese Tea Ceremony

l   Chinese Traditional Dress

l   Hakka Blue Dye

l   Chinese Knot Knitting

l   Rush Grass Weaving

l   Options:

l   Miaoli Hakka Culture Development Center

l   Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum

l   Sanyi Shengxing Railway Station

l   Nanzhuang Old Street

l   Miaoli Hakka Round Hourse

l   Rush Grass Culture Museum

l   Ginger Leisure Park


Tuition of customized classes are estimated separately.


Two Weeks

30-hour Chinese Language Class, including one hour Chinese proficiency test, 7-hour tutoring and 3-hour final evaluation

Classification: Mandarin Study Tour
Class Period: Customized
Offering courses frenquency: Customized
Levels Advance,Upper Intermediate,Intermediate,Pre-intermediate,Elementary ,Beginning