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Individual Class


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  • Near High-Speed Rail Station

  • Near Train Station

  • Near MRT Station

  • Contact Person: MLC( Mandarin Learning Center)
  • Email: mlc@sce.pccu.edu.tw
  • Telephone: 886-2-2700-5858 ext.8131~8136
  • FAX: 886-2-2708-1257

Individual Class

Class Introduction:

The Chinese Culture University Mandarin Learning Center(MLC) belongs to the largest university of continuing education in Taiwan. The MLC offers instruction from excellent professional teachers for whole Chinese learning environments. The MLC Mandarin Individual Class provides students with more individual listening, speaking, reading and writing practice according to each student's needs and learning purposes. All aspects are oriented to a faster and more efficient learning result from the textbook selection to class design.

Class Time

1.50 minutes per class, at least 2 class hours per week.
2. Students can choose any hours from 8:10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If students wish to study later at night, please call us for more information.
3. Once class has started, the scheduled time may not be altered. If you are planning on missing a class, please notify us in advance to receive a leave of absence.
4. In the case of a government announcement that cancel school and work will be cancelled due to natural disaster or accident, no refund will be given.

More Info:http://mlc.sce.pccu.edu.tw/show_detail.aspx?block_id=1000310117000083&border_id=B20151228000008&css=blank&append=n&menu=Individual Classes&subtitle=y&language=en&submenu=Course Introduction

Classification: Individual Classes
Class Period: Customized
Offering courses frenquency: Customized
Students Number: 1~1
Levels Advance,Intermediate,Elementary ,Beginning