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National Taiwan Normal University, Mandarin Training Center


Northern Taiwan


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  • Near MRT Station


1-on-1 Class

Class Introduction:

Schedule options for 1-on-1 classes:

 (1) Seasonal Program (12 weeks): class dates follow the academic calendar of MTC’s seasonal programs. Classes begin in March, June, September or December, and last for 3 months. 

 (2) Summer Session (8 weeks): class dates follow the academic calendar of MTC’s summer session. Classes begin in July. 

 (3) 1 month classes (4 weeks): available every month, beginning from the 1st working day of the month until the last working day of the month. MTC doesn’t provide applicants of 1-month classes documents for visa application.

Please contact us if you are interested in the 1-on-1 or 2-4 people classes. Email:mtc@mtc.ntnu.edu.tw ; Tel: 886-277495130

Fee: http://www.mtc.ntnu.edu.tw/course-seasonal-fee.html



Classification: Individual Classes
Class Period: Customized
Class Date: 每月開始 - 每月結束
Students Number: 1~4
Levels Advance,Upper Intermediate,Intermediate,Pre-intermediate,Elementary ,Beginning