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Intensive Course
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Northern Taiwan


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  • Near Train Station

  • Near MRT Station

  • Contact Person: Anny Hu
  • Email: language6@mdnkids.com
  • Telephone: (02) 2392-1133 ext.1003 / (02) 2391-5134

Intensive Course

Class Introduction:

The intensive course is held for students who is over 18 years old and needs visa assistance.  The course is a 3-month long term, and students have to take 15 hours classes a week.   Students who need visa assistance are required to provide a photocopy of passport, a 2-inch poto, study plan and bank statement (over US$5,000 or TWD$150,000)



  1. Students come to Taiwan with our visa assistance will be "employment prohibited".
  2. Students who were absent for more than 1/4 class hours within the first 2 months are not allowed to extendthe 3rd month visa.
  3. The tuition excludes textbook fee.
  4. The Chinese classes are "group classes".  If there are no group class available or due to students' requirement, students have to pay for the difference for individual class.
Classification: Regular Mandarin Program
Class Period: 3 months
Offering courses frenquency: Monthly
Tuition Fee: NTD 45000
Levels Intermediate,Pre-intermediate,Elementary ,Beginning
Session: 春季、夏季、秋季、冬季