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About Us

Taiwan Mandarin Educational Resources Center

With the global upsurge of Mandarin learning and the increasing number of people learning Mandarin overseas, countries around the world are attaching greater importance to Mandarin education and the promotion of Mandarin on a global scale. Now is the perfect opportunity for Taiwan to export Mandarin.

For the purpose of promoting high quality Taiwan Mandarin education, the Ministry of Education set up the Taiwan Mandarin Educational Resources Center to assist in the development/planning of strategies and systems in connection with Mandarin education as well as the integration of Mandarin educational resources. In combination with the global boom of Mandarin learning and Taiwan’s existing edges, the Center will promote the export of Mandarin education while expanding the overseas Mandarin education market. Industries, government and academia should jointly develop strategies, integrate resources, connect diversified industries (including talent, tourism, culture, education and other aspects), so as to acquire all-round new energy.

Over the years, the Ministry of Education has continuously launched important measures such as “MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program”, “Taiwan Visiting Mandarine Teacher Program” and Subsidizing Teachers and Students to Study Mandarin in Taiwan, successfully increasing the number of students to study in Taiwan and spreading the footprint of Taiwan Mandarin education around the world.

Taiwan enjoys a good quality of Mandarin education, and the Mandarin teaching staff trained in Taiwan are around the globe. All the physical and digital teaching material, Mandarin teachers and professional teaching methods are well received by learners. In the future, the Taiwan Mandarin Educational Resources Center will integrate the innovation spirit, give full play to the advantages of Taiwan Mandarin, and make Mandarin education lead Taiwan to play its part on the international stage and stride forward to the world.

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Focus of the work

The main future work of Taiwan Mandarin Educational Resources Center is as follows: